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Our top-notch boarding, daycare, and grooming services are designed to ensure your pet feels right at home while having endless fun all summer long. With plenty of playtime, socialization, and pampering, your pet will be in the best hands, making new friends and enjoying every moment.

Our Services

Dog Boarding

Your furry friend will enjoy a luxurious stay in our comfortable boarding suites, complete with personalized care, ample playtime, and attentive staff to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Dog Daycare

Elevate your dog's day with our premier daycare services, where safety meets excitement. Our dedicated team ensures a secure environment for furry friends to play and socialize.

Dog Grooming

Treat your pet with our luxury grooming. From baths to specialized trims, our expert groomers ensure a stress-free experience, leaving your dog looking and feeling their best.

Location & Contact Information

Whether you have questions about our services or need assistance with directions, feel free to contact us – our friendly staff is here to help!


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Your pets’ health and safety is our top priority. We’ve integrated extra disinfection and sanitation routines into our already rigorous cleaning protocols. 

Rest assured, we are actively monitoring for any dogs displaying symptoms as they enter our facilities, as well as those staying with us.

Key symptoms to monitor include lethargy, runny eyes and nose, coughing and sneezing, or loss of appetite. Should any of these symptoms manifest, kindly keep your dog at home, contact your veterinarian, and notify us so that we can continue ensuring the well-being of your pup as well as all the other dogs under our care. 

Our pet care technicians are trained to administer oral and topical medications. Injectable medications cannot be administered at this time.

Doginhaus operates on a rotational schedule, so all our boarding pups have the correct amount of play to rest ratio. Boarders are typically playing for about 5 hours throughout the day, with breaks and meal times in between.

While we currently do not have anyone on site after hours, we do have a high quality security system in place that connects with our management team.

If your dog has an open wound, stitches, or sutures of any kind they cannot board with us for sanitary and safety reasons.

We have an open inside and outside yard for our larger and more confident guests, and a small section for the smaller guests that prefer a more intimate group of friends of their own size.

Up to 40 dogs per play group with two pet care technicians minimum.

Please bring them in on a leash and collar. If your dog gets lunch at home feel free to bring their lunch with them to daycare. Please bring any medication that your dog may need during their day.

We do not groom dogs that are wounded or injured without a note from their veterinary specialist approving a grooming appointment. If your dog was recently fixed, please wait a minimum of two weeks before having them groomed.

A standard grooming appointment ranges from 4-6 hours depending on the dog. Throughout the appointment, we check in to see how your dog is doing and make sure we give them breaks to decrease stress levels. We prioritize your pup’s well being throughout the appointment, meaning sometimes grooming times can vary.

Dog grooming varies based on the breed, size, coat type and style of cut that they’re looking for.

Dog grooming varies based on the breed, size, coat type and style of cut that they’re looking for.

We do not groom cats at this time.

Depending on the severity of the case, if your dog is aggressive towards our groomers we have the right to deny your pet an appointment if we feel it is a danger to our staff. If your dog must be separated from other dogs, let the front desk know ahead of time so we can properly prepare our grooming room and staff to avoid having other pets around during their appointment.

Our full groom service includes a bath and brush using specially formulated shampoos based upon your pet’s coat and includes nail trim and ear cleaning.  Our stylists meet with clients to determine the best cut and style. Gland expression and ear plucking are included upon request.

While we do offer one on one time, hikes, and other individualized add on services, our facility is structured around our open play environment and our primary goal is puppy play time. We can keep your pet separate from the rest of the pack, but would recommend finding home care or a different facility which specializes in dogs who prefer their alone time.

Dogs who are aggressive towards humans will not be permitted to use our boarding and daycare services.

First, set up an account for you and your pet on the website.

Second, send us over their updated vaccine records to

Lastly, contact us to set up a meet & greet!

This is a 2-4 hour complimentary temperament test, in which you’ll leave your pup with us. We require all our furry friends to take before scheduling boarding and daycare. This is our way of making sure every pup is comfortable, kind, and a good fit for our facility!

Dogs who come to our playground must be at least 4 months of age and fully vaccinated with our required vaccinations.

Canine guests are required to be vaccinated with Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies.

Feline guests are required to be vaccinated with Rabies, FVRCP (distemper), and Felv (feline leukemia).

Unaltered pets under 8 months are welcome to come and play.